Back to (Cocktail) School

Put down the books and pick up the bottle: it's time to master mixology

Books and cocktails, a natural fit.

Whether or not your kids are starting another school year this fall, we think it’s the perfect time for you to buckle down and do some studying of your own — mixological studying, of course.

It’s the ideal project, since you’ll have a bit more time thanks to our partners in the Food Network Community Table, Back to School Edition who have helped you figure out lunch.

So, we suggest beginning by mastering a classic recipe and then also a tasty twist on it. Try making the refreshing (and very simple) gin-based Tom Collins and then whipping up a delicious raspberry version.

Another drink you should know how to fix is the Partida Margarita, which is our favorite formula for the famous tipple and only contains three ingredients. Once you have that down, mix the Savory Margarita, which calls for exotic red bell pepper juice and honey syrup in addition to the standard tequila and lime juice.

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