Bacara Resort & Spa Having A Special Wine Event

Create your own wine at 'Bacara Crush' hosted by Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara

Participants will walk through these vines and pick the grapes to create their own wine at Bacara Resort & Spa.

At Bacara Resort & Spa, you now have a chance to “be a winemaker for the day.”

Located in Santa Barbara, the Bacara Resort & Spa is hosting an opportunity called “Bacara Crush,” according to a press release. The participating wineries are Firestone Vineyard, Brewer – Clifton, Carhartt Vineyard and Harrison Clarke.

Launched in September, the winemaking program is held daily from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m, troughout the month of November. During the five-hour event, the winery staff takes participants to through the vines, sort the grapes, and help with punch downs in order to create their own wine. By the end of the day, all participants will walk away with their personal bottle of wine, as well as a signed certificate to demonstrate what type of wine they have created.

Bacara Resort & Spa is a no stranger to wines. Besides its regular spa and resort amenities, it is the home of the Foley Food & Wine Society Tasing Room and the Miro Wine Cellar. The tasting room is for, but not limited to, tasting and buying wines, wine outings, and cooking classes. The Miro Wine Cellar, at Bacara’s signature restaurant, has as many wines as 12,000 that come from world class international labels.


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