Azin Valy Creates New Charitable Clothing Line For Global Cityzens


While the world of fashion has steadily become more conscious about environmental and global issues concerning waste, manufacturing and conflict-free sources, all that is taking a bit of a backseat to Azin Valy’s new line, Cityzen by Azin. Her collection makes an attempt at the more personal and human concern of global unity between cultures and civilizations. In both a fashion first and a statement on humanity, her collection uses satellite images of cities as a print that is not only luxurious, but hopes to promote world peace, which is a big step up from sustainable fabrics.

Originally the co-founder of an award winning architecture firm in New York, designer Azin Valy was inspired by photographs from major cities around the world while doing research for the Museum of Modern Art. Moved by these geographical cityscapes, she began Cityzen by Azin just last year in an effort to bring together her passion of design with her concern for social issues. Intended to be a luxury fashion brand with a focus on global consciousness, Cityzen by Azin captures both beauty and awareness in a collection of ready-to-wear, accessories and handbags.

The collection features 14 cities, with satellite imagery used as the focus print and topography used as a means of form and function. Dress slits and straps follow the lines of rivers and lakes, mountains and coastlines make for hemlines, and roads allow for transition, turning into straps, zippers, or seams. The beauty of this execution is the interesting lines and cuts, which vary with the natural geography of each city.

Constructed from silk, satins and leathers, each piece is made with both luxury and femininity in mind. The layout of each garment is carefully decided to choose the location of certain landmarks and natural occurrences so as to assure that large roads, rivers, lakes, and the like, rest on the most flattering areas of the body. Major sites such as the Louvre, the Coliseum and George Washington Bridge are all showcased on each print to bring an even greater sense of connection with each location.

In an attempt to promote a global understanding of cultures by transcending physical and mental boarders across the world, each piece in the collection features various places of interest with focus on the arts, architecture, food, literature, music, and film, and comes with varied suggestions—from romantic places to take a stroll to where to grab popular souvenirs. But maybe the best part about submerging oneself in this cultural and sartorial dialogue is that Valy is currently in talks with charities around the world arranging for a portion of each purchase to go to a charity in the accompanying city, and will soon support causes ranging from helping Japan rebuild after the tsunami, to alleviating poverty stricken families in the Middle East. Let’s see your recycled organic jeans do that.

 Cityzen by Azin is available online and is priced from $250-$1,875.