Awesome Wallpaper Fit for Any Food Lover’s Home

Obsessed with sushi? Cupcakes? Pizza? Enough to plaster your walls with your profession of love? Take a look at these

How much do you love apples? Enough to put them all over your living room wall?

At The Daily Meal, we’re all fanatics about food and drink—that should come as no surprise. But are we obsessed enough to take it a step further? Would bagel-loving, pizza crazed Arthur Bovino plaster his walls with images of everything bagels and shmear? Hmm—we wonder.

We Double Dare You to Try These Food-Infused Wallpaper Prints in Your Home

Many a days here at the office are filled with tedious research and fact-checking, especially with all of our restaurant coverage and recipe building.

However, no research is as fun as the kind that  we (Assistant Editor Tyler Sullivan and I) bring upon ourselves—discovering the best food nail polish names, finding the most gorgeous kitchens on the planet, and most recently—homes that are decked out with awesome food-inspired wallpaper.

We came across, Spoonflower, a site that let's you customize and create your own fabrics, wall decals, and wallpaper—very clever, right? You're also free to shop other designer's creations as well.


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We’ve found some really outrageous and bold prints that would really set the scene in any home. If you’re brazen enough to put in on your walls is a complete other story. Basically, we’re daring you to bacon weave your kitchen.