Austria Welcomes the McRibster

McDonald's one-ups their beloved McRib by deep-frying it

The cult-worthy fanatics of the McDonald's McRib sandwich, whether purists or thrill-seekers, will most likely feel pretty strongly about the news coming out of Austria this week. McDonald's unveiled their newest limited-edition menu item yesterday, a deep-fried version of the McRib called the McRibster — and it's only available in Austria. 

The sandwich includes a deep-fried boneless pork patty topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, iceberg lettuce, red onion, honey mustard, and sweet chile sauce. The McRibster seems closer to schnitzel, a classic Austrian dish consisting of fried pork cutlets, than the typical McRib that's occasionally available in the U.S. 

The same "cut of pork" (whatever that may be) appears to be used to make the rib patties on both sandwiches. Other than that, it stands to reason that the only similarities are in the sauces — perhaps when the McRibster's honey mustard and sweet chile sauces are enjoyed together the taste is reminiscent of the ultra-sweet and gooey glaze that covers the McRib?

This variation on a classic is not the only one if it's kind to make waves in the fast-food world this month; check out a sneak peek of Taco Bell's new Doritos Locos Tacos here.