Australian Pub Tries Going a Night Without Beer

Wait, we can't get a cold brew here? We're out

Schweppes created a pub without beer, just to mess with the locals (and start a cocktail revolution).

In a social experiment bound to anger bros everywhere, Schweppes has started a genius campaign where they create "pubs with no beer" as part of a "cocktail revolution."

The experiment? Find a pub known for their brews, and get them to turn off the taps for one night. The first experiment took place at a 100-year-old Australian pub at the Old Hepburn Hotel in Victoria, mUmbrella reports.

Naturally, the regulars at the Aussie pub were none to happy when they were told they would be drinking cocktails instead, even though the bartenders promised they'd like it. And of course, all the reactions were caught on camera.

Watch below as burly Australian men watch in horror as the bartenders put "veggies" into their drinks, replacing their ales with a fizzy drink. "So it's a cocktail bar now," one of them says. Which apparently means bars where "The sheilas [get] up on the bar and dance" like in "Coyote Wolf... Wolfy Coyote... Coyote Ugly."

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