Austin's Newest Brewpub

Craft brewery Hops & Grain will expand its service

Eater reports that the brewery darling of Austin, Hops & Grain, is expanding its service to include food and beers on-site. 

Thanks to lenient craft brewery laws just passed in Texas, the brewery is able to expand to serve more Austin beer-loving residents. Said owner Josh Hare in a press release, "We are stoked to be able to continue to offer the experience that our customers have come to expect with the added benefit of being able to purchase beer from our tap room to take home with you... It's a better, more sustainable experience for everyone."


New hours will begin July 1; the sustainable brewery offers three beers: Alteration Altbier, Pale Dog pale ale, and a German lager-like Zoe. That doesn't include the Greenhouse small-batch brewing system, with tons of new releases, like a Roggen Hope Rye IPA and a barleywine, for June.