Aunt Tiki's

Dive Bar, Bar
1207 Decatur St
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 680-5404

With great service, a mix of locals and visitors, great drinks, good prices, and a cool ambiance, Aunt Tiki's is a must-visit in the NOLA area.



  • BEST BAR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh shiiit
  • Gambit's Top Bars 2012 - 3 a.m. Bars
  • Make sure you're clothes are clean/you've wiped all the coke off yourself before going under the black light...
  • This is THE Dive of all dives in the FQ. Even Luke Wilson wasn't noticed in this place.
  • If you put 1608 into the jukebox "Genuwine - Pony" will play out of the speakers
  • Donnie is the best bartender ever!
  • Cool dive, but don't ask if they have any drink specials. You'll be told "this is a LOCAL BAR not a tourist bar" and made to feel like a total douchebag. Pardon me!
  • They have the Neverending Story theme song on the jukebox. You can't go wrong
  • Best jukebox on the planet!
  • great place to stay all night and wander still wasted into the morning sun, cursing god
  • This place used to be awesome. Not sure when they switched over to tiny water cups to serve their drinks in.
  • Cash only.
  • Diveriffic! Don't mess with the locals and we won't steal your left shoe. Or write on your face when you pass out. Ok, maybe we will. All in all, a great fun bar. Things can get wild, just go with it.
  • So much better than the Goth club.
  • Open 24 hours.
  • I hate this place! But I will probably go back...
  • I want to love this place because its a gnarly dive, but bartender was a complete dick.
  • Crazy fun bar! Was there on a Sunday noonish and saw a drunk girl get mad at her ex and go jump in a mud puddle pothole then lay down in the middle of Decatur .
  • What a dive .

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