AT&T Dolphin Celebration

Georgia Aquarium
Atlanta, GA 30313
(404) 581-4000


  • The chairs suck, be prepared for your ass to go numb.
  • My lifelong search for the worlds most uncomfortable seat is over.
  • The story had a TON of glaring plot holes.
  • They don't allow pictures. Weird. And the seats are tiny.
  • What an amazing show
  • The seat are made for 5 year olds. Seriously the worst seats ever!
  • My fat ass doesn't fit in the tiny seats. Plus the backs are painfully straight. #Posture
  • Dolphin show is always awesome! The seats are pretty bad but it's not designed for luxury. The show is produced by a man from Broadway so it's corny, but the dolphins are great!!
  • It is a fun & imaginative way to showcase the dolphins! More than just your normal informational show. A must see if you have children or really enjoy musical theater. We really enjoyed it!
  • Wow - who designed these seats? They are suitable for those under 10 years of age and 70 pounds or less.
  • I know why there's no pics allowed. It was so lame!!!! The dolphins were awesome but the rest was so horrible we were laughing all the way through it!!!! No wonder the babies in there were crying!!!
  • This show pretty much sucks. You will enjoy it if you are a small child who has never seen a dolphin before or if you are blind and deaf. it is basically show tunes with a couple dolphin tricks.
  • Needs more dolphins and less singing. Little kids will probably enjoy it, but the show is otherwise a waste unless you have all day to kill.
  • Awesome show! Amazing animals
  • Dolphin show tix are free for members now!
  • Now I know what's it like inside a Lisa Frank sticker
  • My girls loved the show. Make sure you get there AT LEAST 30 mins early to get ideal seats in the middle, 40 mins to get front row where you will get wet (not soaked).
  • This is terrible. Do not waste your time. You'll just long for the precious moment you wasted watching some guys sing some Disney bullshit. Barely any dolphins.
  • More behaviors and effects than anything I've seen anywhere else!
  • The music was annoying, but the dolphins were so adorable!!! The chairs were not that bad actually

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