Atomic Bowl Duckpin

Bowling Alley
1105 Prospect St (at Shelby St.)
Indianapolis, IN 46203


  • False advertising! They have a Pabst sign, but don't serve it.
  • Check our website for 1/2 price coupons.
  • Come have some fun duckpin bowling
  • located In Fountain Square Theatre Building, it's the only authentic Duckpin Bowling in the Midwest. In addition to the eight lanes of bowling, Action Bowl has a caf area with a vintage pool table.
  • Lots of fun, and you get three attempts instead of two
  • Upstairs fourth floor nice, clean, and enjoyable.
  • Great fun for the whole family!
  • Make reservations a week in advance, it gets packed! Great drink menu - they have Sun King Wee Mac! Mmmm.
  • It's like you stepped into a time machine. Retro style. And it is nearly impossible to throw a strike! The average score is 56.
  • Action Duckpin Bowl is set with a 30's theme and is located on the 4th floor.
  • Atomic Bowl Duckpin is set with a 50's theme and is located in the basement.
  • The staff is really uptight and mean. Last time we were there, they shut our lane off in the 10th frame and wouldn't let us finish.
  • Duckpin Bowling: $30 per lane, per hr. up to 5 people per lane. Free shoes rental. come check us out.

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