Atlantic City Boardwalk

Pedestrian Street/Plaza
Atlantic City, NJ 08401-5101


  • Boardwalk Empire happened here. Take a walk on the Atlantic City Boardwalk. You won't find baby incubators, but the salt water taffy is still an AC classic.
  • The Boardwalk runs along the beach for 4 miles. Casino/hotels front the boardwalk, as well as retail stores, restaurants, and amusements. Several piers extend the boardwalk over the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Few months till the beaches will be full and summer is back. Support your veterans by eating more hotdogs and more ice cream this year.
  • On his 56th birthday, August 27, 1964, Lyndon Baines Johnson accepted the nomination for the presidency in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • This boardwalk has been dubbed the "Salt Water Taffy Capital of the World" - try some at James Candy Company.
  • Boardwalk food is not all that
  • We dare you to visit each museum in the Atlantic City region and take a photo of yourself and your favorite exhibit from each museum and have an associate from each museum sign your photo.
  • On her first date, Desiree enjoyed the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk (the oldest in the nation) and many other hidden and yes, romantic, treasures to be found in AC
  • Its better in the summer time when they have all the tiki bars on the beach.
  • Make sure to check out the AC Food & Wine Festival 7/28 - 7/31 to see some of your fave stars show off their culinary skills. Make sure to follow @FordcastTour for the chance to win FREE tix!
  • Beware and this is no joke, the pigeons will steal food from your plate while you are holding it. Saw it happen to two people.
  • White pigeon's aren't scared of you
  • Don't get mugged, yo!
  • The boardwalk officially opened for business (and pleasure) on June 26, 1870.
  • Boardwalk.... Safe,clean places.. I really recommend...
  • Be careful of the seagulls, don't eat anything when you're at outdoors:D
  • Nice stroll for a couple :)
  • Snatched up a funnel cake before heading back to the city, veeeerrry good if a little softer than i like
  • Don't miss Atlantic City's 2012 "Thunder Over the Boardwalk" Air Show on August 17th!

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