Athlete-Inspired Sandwiches

A collection of sandwiches from across the country that are named after star athletes

For many sandwich shops and restaurants, it’s a source of pride to create a dish in honor of that city’s most adored athletes. In New York City, both the Stage Deli and Carnegie Deli have named sandwiches after famous stars of all kinds, from movie stars to politicians, and of course, sports icons. This collection highlights some of the best athlete-inspired sandwiches across the country.

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The most recent addition to the Carnegie Deli sandwich menu is the Jetbow, inspired by none other than the Jets’ newest back-up quarterback, Tim Tebow. The creation is appropriately a mashup of all-American ingredients (like white bread and American cheese) and classic New York City ones (like corned beef and pastrami). The restaurant unveiled the sandwich this Monday.

Other athletes immortalized in sandwich form include former San Francisco Giant Barry Bonds, Yankee captain Derek Jeter, and Orlando Magic power player Dwight Howard. Click through to see what other sandwiches made the list.

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