Astor Place

Plaza, Pedestrian Street/Plaza
Astor Pl (btwn Lafayette St & 4th Ave)
New York, NY 10003


  • Grab a friend and spin the cube
  • Take a photo with the cube. The best part is that it spins! Go ahead, push it!
  • So romantic! An amazing intersection for architecture & people-watching. Fantastic street food/coffee/desserts served out of trucks.
  • An amazing place to sit and watch the sunset
  • Great spot
  • Wikipedia: "Completed in 1904, it is one of the original twenty-eight stations in the [subway] system. The station is on the List of Registered Historic Places in New York."
  • In Spiderman 2, Doctor Octopus hurls a car through the window of a restaurant in Astor Place, nearly killing Peter Parker and Mary Jane.
  • Okay, this isn't much of a park... but if you spin The Cube fast enough you might have a career-related-epiphany.
  • Try to move the cube and grab a coffee at the charming Starbucks of the place
  • , . , .
  • Be sure to check out The Cube!
  • The cube rotates...
  • Random Milton Glaser piece from the 80's in the subway below because why not.
  • Check out St Marks Ale House on NFL Sunday for TVs nachos And cheap drafts all sunday. Assuming we have the NFL to watch this season.
  • So many places to eat and drink esp with St marks just a few blocks away. I'm rarely here sober haha
  • its a plaza!
  • Cobble stone sidewalks are a part of the historical landmark essence that make Astor place great.
  • Whatever you do, DON'T shop at St. Mark's Comics. Got followed around the store like I was going to steal something. Over priced back issues. Go to Midtown Comics.
  • Spin the cube!
  • Don't be an idiot and spin the cube

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