Aspen Highlands

Ski Area
133 Prospector Rd
Aspen, CO 81611
(970) 300-7014


  • Don't miss Aspen Highlands closing day - it's the biggest party on snow!
  • Follow the sun! Ski or ride Goldenhorn, Thunderbowl or Steeplechase in the morning when the morning sun is hitting, then head to the Olympic Bowl side of the mountain when the afternoon sun hits.
  • Be sure to being something to carry your skis/boards on your back for the hike up the Highland Bowl.
  • The best ski area on the planet. If you miss the back bowl you have not truly lived at all.
  • By far my favorite of the 4 hills, and if you're feeling gutsy, take a trip to the Highland Bowl. Its well worth the hike.
  • Don't hike the bowl without picking up some straps ($8) from the Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol cabin at to top of the Loge and Deep Teremity lifts.
  • If you love Heavy Metal and Punk, you mist visit Norm at the #aspenhighlands ski tune center. Http :
  • On a sunny afternoon, grab a beer on the deck at Out of Bounds and watch the AVSC kids tear down Thunderbowl.
  • If you're an advanced skier make sure to hike the bowl. You can pick up ski straps at the ski patrol at the top of the mountain for a nominal fee.
  • Hit it on a windless day, or beware of icy, windswept faces
  • If u can make the hike to the top og highland bowl...grueling but worth it!
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  • Free shuttles run between Highlands and Aspen all day long, and there are free shuttles direct from the Snowmass Village Mall to Highlands in the morning, returning to the Mall in the afternoon.
  • Highlands also has plenty of wide-open, screaming groomers, with two favorites being Thunderbowl and Golden Horn. Ride up the Thunderbowl triple and rip laps!
  • Drink plenty of water and make sure you've eaten enough when you plan on hiking the Highkands Bowl. Nothing is worse than bonking on the hike.
  • End of the day? Craving powder? Head to the Boomerang glades and Shred It!
  • I love Highlands the most of Aspen's 3 ski resorts. If you want shorter lines and steeper terrain, this is the mountain for you! If you want to go off-piste, be ready for a 45 min hike at 7am...
  • Best skiing in the world !!!
  • Take the free bus
  • If you get lucky and a pow pow day, just go to the Bowl and get ready for some of the best rides ever. Get into the trees for more fun and even the bumps can give you some fun (even for snowboarders)

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