Aslan Sculpture Comes Alive Using 4,000 Scraps of Metal


Do you love The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? So do we. Which is why we are in love with Selçuk Yilmaz's metal lion sculpture named Aslan. Okay, so maybe he didn't specifically name this larger-than-life lion after our childhood hero (since Aslan is actually Turkish for lion), but we don't care.


Over the course of a year, Istanbul-based Yilmaz made Aslan from 4,000 pieces of metal scraps. He hand-cut and hammered each scrap himself, meticulously crafting the big cat's body. Weighing around 550 pounds (pretty much the weight of an actual male lion), Aslan's form moves from large single sheets forming the midsection to the thin interlocking strips creating the bridge of his nose and the tendrils of his mane.

Yilmaz has many other projects available to view through Behance, including an imposing black vulture, a human man and a cobra, but Aslan is by far his most impressive and certainly marks a turning point in the talented artist's portfolio.