Ask A St. Louis Expert: Ideas For Hostess Gifts

Ask A St. Louis Expert: Ideas For Hostess Gifts
Everybody loves getting that invitation to holiday parties. After all, half the fun of the season is gathering with loved ones. Let your host and hostesses know how much you appreciate being included on their “A” list. There are lots of great ways to add that personal touch to a bottle of wine or other hostess gifts. Give it a try. It’s fun and you will be the hit of any holiday party.
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As the holiday season approaches, many of us will delight in spending time with friends and family as we are invited to various holiday parties. If you follow Emily Post etiquette, you know hostess gifts don’t need to be elaborate, but the thoughtfulness of the act will keep you on those holiday guest lists for years to come. Michelle Moulden, one of the six principles of Absolutely IN!, has lots of experience and a passion for connecting with the spirit of personal hostess gift giving as it relates to holiday parties and other social events, large and small. Here are a few tips to make that bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers just a little more personal and let your host or hostess know you appreciate inclusion on their “A” list.

Wine is a traditional gift, easy to find and always appreciated. Michelle stresses that when deciding on a gift, it should be something that your hostess will use. So it’s a great choice, but if you want to add a personal touch, try wrapping it in a brightly colored kitchen towel, tied with a ribbon and a note card expressing your best holiday wishes. “It shows you actually put some time and thought into the gift and sends a personal message” to your hostess.

Perhaps your host or hostess is a family friend, with kids, and you are invited to a kids-inclusive party. Another great way to say thank you is to give a gift the entire family can enjoy. A large ceramic popcorn bowl, filled with holiday DVDs and movie snacks, will win the hearts of everyone in the house and include you in the family memories made around their movie nights.

Just about everyone does some baking around the holidays. And it’s a great way to spend time with the kids, on the weekends, preparing for the season. Wrap some cookie mix and holiday cookie cutters in a cute holiday apron. These are all items that can, and most likely will, be used by your host or hostess for a long time to come. It’s bound to be a hit. You may have helped start a family tradition.

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Pet lovers always love it when you acknowledge their beloved four-legged friends. Perhaps some holiday treats for Fido or Kitty wrapped in bright holiday foil is just the way to the party giver’s heart. Consider a gift certificate to their favorite pet spa for a holiday makeover or a new piece of bling (collar) for Lassie may be a nice way to say thank you to your host.

Michelle loves to shop in the Webster Groves area because it’s just loaded with great specialty shops. One of her favorites is The Initial Design. There is no better way to send a message, on a personal note, than with a monogram. The Initial Design specializes in monogrammed gifts. Monogrammed jewelry and accessories are always treasured gifts. If your hosts are travel happy, monogrammed luggage tags are a great idea. Pillow shams and guest towels are wonderful for the home and you should consider tote bags, backpacks and even rain boots as unique offerings with a monogram.

The ladies at Absolutely IN! are experts in making any event a memorable experience. And, as you might guess, just as with giving the perfect hostess gift, planning an event of any size or occasion, the dazzle is in the detail. Although they specialize in weddings, they have produced many successful parties, corporate events, golf tournaments, galas and more. So, for your next event, give them a call and tap into their creative genius. You and your guests will love the results and the memories that come with your blockbuster affair.

Lisa Payne-Naeger, a native of the St. Louis area, is a freelance writer, blogger, political activist and a homeschooling mother of two children. Her work can be found at