Ask A DFW Expert: Ideas For Hostess Gifts

Ask A DFW Expert: Ideas For Hostess Gifts
Bernetta Sowels
Occasions by Bee LLC
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Dallas, TX 75201
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www.occasionsbybee.comBernetta Sowels is the Senior Event Coordinator of Occasions by Bee LLC. Bernetta is a people person and enjoys being part of the best day of her clients’ lives as well as getting to participate in celebrations of different cultures and backgrounds. Sowels has a special passion for big events that make the most impact in our lives and strives to make those moments unforgettable. She also has some insight into hostess gifts that will make a lasting impression. Here’s her advice.
Tip 1: Make it personalGet to know the personality and style of your host or hostess so that the gift can be personal. What do they like and what do they dislike? What stylistic preferences do they have? Consider their hobbies or professional background for needs or maybe a gift of relaxation if you know they worked exceptionally hard to please you.
Tip 2: Budget wiselyThink of what you have spent on your guests individually and consider spending about 20 percent of that same amount on the gift for your host or hostess. You wouldn’t get someone who made your big day fantastically memorable a five dollar gift card. Consider how far they’ve stretched their skills to work for you, and put a fair amount of thought into the gift.
Tip 3: Look for something uniqueLook for unique gifts, something crafted especially for that person. What is shown on TV given to hosts or hostesses at extravagant events is probably not realistic. Not everyone will jump for joy for diamonds or pearls. The more sincere gift, the better, in many cases. For someone who has made your picture perfect moment just that, a gift card would seem almost impersonal and cold. Find something as one-of-a-kind as the host or hostess who planned your big day.

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Tip 4: Men’s gifts should be useful or usableFor men, make sure the gift is useful. Tie clips, a flask or favorite team memorabilia is usually a crowd-pleaser. If you find out his favorite team, drink or style of clothing, these examples of staple items cannot go wrong and tend to be evergreen.
Tip 5: Use good judgement and make it appropriateAnything intimate is not a good gift for your host or hostess. Even if they have planned the most thrilling bachelorette party for you, lingerie would not be appropriate. Most of the time, any clothing item that would require knowing someone’s size would not be appropriate. That can be embarrassing for women in general and is very hard to estimate correctly.

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