Ask A Cleveland Expert: Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Ask A Cleveland Expert: Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

The child care experts at Lakewood Presbyterian Church Nursery School (LPCNS) are experts at making the learning experience nurturing and exciting during nursery school. Offering a three-year-old, four-year-old and pre-kindergarten class means your little kiddos have ample time to spread their wings under the tutelage of some seriously qualified teachers. Led by Joan Bosken, who has degrees in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, and working with Sandy Donahoe, a woman with 12 years of teaching under her belt, Joyce Tabeling, an associate teacher who sits on the nursery school board, and Peg Wroten, she’s been teaching at LPCNS for 20 years, the children at LPCNS finish each day and year with more knowledge and confidence in their individual experiences and time spent with teachers and friends at school. If you’re looking for a place for your child to shine, let their creativity flow and prepare for the serious world of kindergarten, then Lakewood Presbyterian Church Nursery School should be your first choice.
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These lovely ladies had a hard time coming up with only five crafts for the fall, seriously the creations the kids are coming home with every day is impressive. But the following crafts are the five favorites chosen for their age range; there’s something for three-year-olds, four-year-olds and five-year-olds, multiple sensory cues and for cuteness. Make one or make all of them and soak in the adoration of your child. Roll up your sleeves and get messy with the kids! They’re only little once and it’s the time spent “doing” something with your kids that all of you will remember.

 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Egg Carton Owl (Courtesy of Lakewood Presbyterian Church Nursery School)

Egg Carton Owl (5 Year Olds)

Using an old cardboard egg carton, cut the top in half for the body of the owl and use two of the egg sections for the eyes. You can leave some pointy tips on for the ears. Paint the “eyes” and the “body” in fall colors: oranges, reds, browns with hints of green. When the sections are dry, assemble them with glue and add google eyes for an even more life-like appearance. Have fun gluing feathers on the owl for a more aesthetic appearance; around the eyes or on the body.

 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Candy Corn Man (Courtesy ofEgg Carton Owl (Courtesy of Lakewood Presbyterian Church Nursery School)

Candy Corn Man (4 Year Olds)

Use your senses with this candy corn. Cut a “soft” triangle from white paper (no hard edges, soften them by rounding the corners to resemble candy corn). Paint them yellow and orange with Kool-Aid and revel in the smells of childhood while taking about our senses in the fall. Does the air smell different in the fall? Add “C” shaped arms and legs. Draw on little eyes and a smile.

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 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Apple Tree (Courtesy of Lakewood Presbyterian Church Nursery School)

Apple Tree (3 Year Olds)

What’s more iconic in fall than changing leaves and apple trees? Paint a paper plate green, yellow-red or add splashes of orange for that seasonal affect. Cut a brown tree trunk from construction paper and attach. Add little green and red apples with crushed-up red and green tissue paper and glue to the tree. This is great for little kids because it’s such a tactile experience.

 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Puffy Pumpkins (Courtesy of Apple Tree (Courtesy of Lakewood Presbyterian Church Nursery School)

Puffy Pumpkins (4 Year Olds)

Get out the paper plates and paint your pumpkins with orange paint mixed with white shaving cream. You’ll get a puffy texture the kids will love and show how everyday objects can be turned into art. Get creative with the pumpkins by adding a brown stalk and green leaf cut from construction paper. Use them for Halloween by adding black triangles for eyes, black circles for the nose and a wicked grin, all cut from construction paper.

 Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Scarecrows (Courtesy of Lakewood Presbyterian Church Nursery School)

Scarecrows (5 Year Olds)

Paper bags, paper bowls and newspaper make up these simple yet delightful scarecrows! Let the kids paint the bowl any color they want, these will become hats. Have the kids stuff the paper bags with crumbled newspaper and tie the bottom with string. Glue on faces cut from pieces of construction paper and top with the painted bowl as the scarecrow hat. This is perfect for fall and charming for the whole family.

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