Ask A Cleveland Expert: Ideas For Hostess Gifts

Ask A Cleveland Expert: Ideas For Hostess Gifts

When it comes to ideas for hostess gifts, who better to ask than a worldly woman with great style that caters to all different tastes, likes and wants. Ann Onusko of Indigo Perfumery prides herself in getting to know her customers and giving them what they want. So, when giving hostess gifts for parties and other gatherings, she is the to-go girl in Cleveland. From the traditional house plants and flowers to the more personal fragrances in soaps, lotions or candles, finding the best in Cleveland has never been easier with these tips from one of Cleveland’s best.

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Indigo Perfumery (Credit, Danielle Coots)

Ann Onusko

Indigo Perfumery
12011 Detroit Ave. 
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 767-5563

Ann Onusko grew up loving the different and unique scents of flowers. During adulthood, she began a career as a floral designer with the prestige Pieter Bouterse Studio in Cleveland. After learning the complexity of unique fragrances, she became fascinated with the combinations of different scents with perfumes, oils and more. While traveling the world with her husband, she experienced perfumes that were so unusual and beautiful, and  those fragrances could not be found in the United States. With her passion to share her found joy, she opened a perfumery shop and provides fragrances in all forms from places like Paris, Germany, Indonesia, Ethiopia and more. Experience scents in perfumes, soaps, lotions, candles, body oils and more. Learn to mix fragrances during one of the many workshops that are held in private or as groups. “You will find a fragrance that you fall in love with,” Onusko said. “Scents can change the way you perceive the world and yourself. Indigo Perfumery’s collection has been curated to exemplify class and fine taste, while also remaining affordable.”

Tip 1: A Plant

“Who doesn’t welcome a bit of mother nature in their home,” said Onusko. “But, be sure it can tolerate low light levels.” There are an array of indoor plants that would be ideal for a hostess gift. For those who don’t have a “green thumb,” choosing a Dieffenbachia is a great way to go. It’s a tropical plant that only needs a little bit of light and temperature of at least 60 degrees. But remember that this plant is toxic to animals. Other good choices are to pick a snake plant or a spider plant because they can endure negligent and dark spaces.

Tip 2: Flowers

Taking flowers to a party are always appreciated and add a colorful addition to any occasion. It’s always nice to bring an arrangement that is already put together so the host doesn’t have to stop what they are doing to put the flowers in water. Choose a vase in a neutral color and simple style so not to clash with the hostess’ decor.

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Indigo Perfumery (Credit, Danielle Coots)

Tip 3: Soaps 

“Fragrance is an ageless treat for both men and women,” said Onusko. Indigo started out selling strictly perfumes and fragrances, but when it heard about a line of skin care products from Sarah Tay, it decided to offer some of the highest grade of antioxidant skincare products available. TAY offers three fragrances of soaps that are appealing to all sorts of tastes. They are almond silk, orange bar and Pinot Rouge. Visit Indigo for the complete line of skincare products.

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Indigo Perfumery (Credit, Danielle Coots)

Tip 4: A Scented Candle

“Scents are a way to express one’s individuality,” Onusko said. Indigo searched the world for the finest candles with the most robust fragrances but offers natural ingredients. Shay and Blue candles are produced in England and are made out of 100 percent beeswax and have lead-free cotton wicks. The selection is abundant and presented in a fancy box. Scents are from Blood Oranges, Amber Rose, Blacks Club Leather and more. Grab a candle for the hostess and for yourself.

Tip 5: Linen Hand Towels

Linen hand towels are great gifts for the kitchen or bathroom. Pick personalized hand towels, holiday favorites or uplifting sayings. “They simply get better with each washing,” said Onusko. Even if the hostess is a man or woman, hand towels are a nice addition to the household and something that can be cherished forever.

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