Ask a Bartender: Cyndi Freeman of The Patriot

It was on a Valentine’s Day that we first became smitten with bartender Cyndi Freeman

We catch up with the amazingly multi-talented bartender/performer/playwright/superhero Cyndi Freeman.

TDM: I heard it’s moving to a new venue. What does that mean for the show?
CF: We move to The Slipper Room on Feb. 19 and then every third Wednesday of each month! Our first show in the new venue is The Big Lebowksi Burlesque and features our good friend Peter Aguero as guest co-host. We cannot wait to get into the Slipper Room! It is a fully functional theater and a beautiful space with great seating and sight lines. This is going to make what we do pop to a whole new level!

TDM: Wow! In addition to the burlesque, you’re also a serious writer and playwright, and an award-winning one, at that. How did you get your start?

CF: I have been performing ever since I was a kid. I took up writing my own material out of frustration: there were so few good roles for women, and so I took to writing and producing my own work.

TDM: Tell me about your one-woman show, Wonder Woman: A How-To Guide for Little Jewish Girls. What is this how-to guide?

CF: I have to perform that again soon. I love the show! It premiered at the 2011 FRIGID New York Festival, and [it] traces my journey from a little suburban Jewish girl obsessed with Wonder Woman to a burlesque queen in New York City. The show was a combination of stories about empowerment throughout my life interspersed with trivia about Wonder Woman and her creators. It was directed by the amazing Obie Award-winner David Drake.

TDM: Your shows have earned some serious credit, with awards at the New York International Fringe Festival and a win at a MothSLAM. What’s that feel like to be an artist recognized for her talent?

CF: It feels great to be recognized with awards, but what feels better is after a show, having someone come up to you and have to tell you their story because they feel you would want to know. Storytelling opens people up; it is an art form that really generates community.

TDM: One last question: Are you still making your own tassels?

CF: Yep! Gleefully, I might add!

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