Artificially Intelligent Robotic Bartender Fit For Don Draper


Did you know there is a Kickstarter for an artificially intelligent robotic bartender named Monsieur? Before you begin envisioning Johnny Five at a bar, taking orders and mixing drinks with the flourish only he can achieve, Monsieur is more of a smart box than it is a fully functioning robot. That said, the invention is pretty cool and would be a fantastic addition to any party. Apparently the gadget will make the perfect drink at the perfect time, tailoring the mix to meet different needs (even non-alcoholic ones). You use the touchscreen to explore the cocktail list and choose how strong you want your drink, from normal to "boss." Over time, the machine will learn what you like and prepare your drinks accordingly. It will also suggest different drinks to you, based off of your taste profile. If you're having a party, Monsieur has 12 built-in themes, like Girl's Night Out and Mardi Gras, with around 25 different drinks in each. With the accompanying app, you will get alerts when the ingredients are running low and can monitor your blood alcohol level. For all you Don Drapers out there, you can even use Monsieur as a person butler, so when you come home from a long day at the office, a drink will be waiting.