The Art of the Table Number

It's not just a number anymore

Get inventive with your event's table numbers!

In recent years, mapping out a seating chart for an event — whether it’s a wedding, a bar mitzvah, a sweet 16, or even a gala — has climbed to another level. No longer are tables graced with just an average go-to catering hall plastic square with a black number on it.

Get creative when it comes to your event's tables!

No, no, the world of DIY has brought us balloons, glitter, themes, and more. Not only are the actual numbers changing into photos or themes, but they now have meaning behind them.  T

ables are now scattered with countries a couple has visited, significant numbers in someone’s life, photos of the honorees at a particular age, or the guest of honor's favorite foods.

Whatever the theme, the interesting thing about the art of the table number is that there’s no right or wrong — there are no limits. Be as creative as you want because it’s your party.


Besides, DIY is still all the rage, so get thinking and be crafty.