Aroma Golf Range

Golf Course, Spa, Coffee Shop
3680 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 387-2111


  • You know your nine iron could use a little work. Hit up this awesome indoor/outdoor driving range.
  • Can't hit your short irons on the top floor because of the net above. Wait for an opening downstairs.
  • It gets windy on top floor of golf range.
  • Lefty like me? Only matts for us are on the faaar right side of the range on each floor.
  • Not worth it if you want to hit golf balls. Honestly way too short of a netted range.
  • An example of how weird/wonderful LA can be. Aroma Golf is a driving range perched atop of a multistory parking garage. Hit balls toward a giant target into the sunset. $20 gets balls and clubs for 2.
  • "Twelve bucks for over a hundred golf balls, which load from an automatic tee at your feet. Particularly affective and futuristic-feeling in the twilight hours. Afterwards, hit the spa." 5 Every Day

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