Are These America’s Worst Colleges for Food?

They may be great for an education, but they get an “F” in food culture

You’re pretty much stuck with the dining hall at these colleges.

Based off of our research for the 75 Best Colleges in America, here are the colleges at the bottom of our list:

#6 Texas A&M University — College Station
Sure this college campus has a decent amount of surrounding watering holes, but it seriously lacks in surrounding eateries. Also its dining halls, while adaptable to dietary preferences and conveniently located around campus, do not cater to a wide range of student lifestyles. There are no 24-hour eateries, and the facilities are fairly isolated from any off-campus dining options.



#5 Texas A&M University — Corpus Christi
Even at their Corpus Christi location, Texas A&M doesn’t shine in the food arena. Though they do have educational programs and events surrounding food and nutrition, they lack a culture around food that would make them stand out amongst other universities.


#4 Colorado School of Mines

We give Colorado School of Mines credit for focusing on healthy and sustainable sustenance, but with minimal surrounding bars and eateries, they aren’t exactly on the map for food. Not to mention, all of the educational food and nutrition events and services aren’t available to all students, only to students enrolled in health classes.


#3 East Tennessee State University

At East Tennessee State University, you may be in for some healthy and sustainable food, but you sure aren’t exploring a lot of cuisine options. With few surrounding bars for the college students of age and limited access to eateries off campus, this college has very little to offer the scholastic gourmand.



#2 Utah State University

Utah State University, while offering environmentally friendly food services, came up short in gourmet options and accessibility in comparison to other schools. No local hotspots, no iconic dishes, and certainly limited places to enjoy food off campus, this college isn’t the place to go if you’re looking for a good meal.


#1 University of South Dakota

While it isn’t the food that is on campus that necessarily makes it the worst college (they are powered by Aramark, so you can form your own opinions there), they offer limited gourmet options on and around campus. Not to mention there is nothing that makes it stand out as a real food lover’s destination with no late-night options, iconic foods or memorable restaurants to speak of.