Arancini Bros.

Row 1

940 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 404-6924

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Foursquare Tips

  • Go for the dessert: try the monster sized arancini filled with warm Nutella. It will melt in your mouth!
  • Try the ragu arancino ($3), which "reveal rich, cheesy secrets...these flavors sing beneath their crisp exterior and the not-too-tender risotto."
  • Delicious balls
  • Chicken Fontina. Enough said.
  • Try them all if you can, but you won't go wrong with the carbonara and the nutella with cinnamon
  • uh, the fried ravioli with marinara sauce is ridiculous...i'm hooked
  • This place is cash only so don't forget to bring them bills y'all!
  • Chicken parmesan sandwich. Fried ravioli. Fried Mac & cheese. Christ on a cracker, this shit is GOOD.
  • Best balls ever!! My favorites are the prosciutto balls and the Nutella ball.
  • Had the Ragu and Prosciutto balls, they were very tasty!
  • So far away
  • amazing rice balls
  • Taste: Ragu(meat sauce, mozzarella cheese, peas, and saffron is featured daily, along with some simple variations like a three-cheese blend or chicken fontina); broccoli bechamel
  • Chicken Fontina & Nutella are ridic
  • Check out Arancini Bros as seen on Unique Eats
  • Rage rice ball!
  • Love the Norma and Bianco Rosso Verde! Roasted corn & jalapeo is pretty good too! And if you go their shop in Brooklyn you can get it served with red sauce! They are HUGE and super filling!
  • A tiny storefront that specializes in arancini: Sicilian deep-fried rice balls stuffed with everything from cheese to meat to vegetables. Swing by in the wee hours for the ideal drunk snack.
  • Their nutella balls are amazing! So good!
  • Delicious little deep-fried rice balls, with various fillings in them. At $4 a ball, it's a perfect little late night snack. But if your planning on making it a meal, I would suggest getting 2!