Apparently the Super Bowl Is All About Avocados Now

Because guacamole is the best thing ever. Obviously

We always say the key to a great Super Bowl party is great guacamole, so it makes sense that avocado consumption is on the rise, especially around game time.

The Huffington Post reports that Americans will eat about 79 million pounds of avocados this Super Bowl; that's about 158 million avocados, which, if you use three avocados per bowl, is 52 million bowls of guac. We want that.

Apparently, one of the reasons behind this avocado boom is timing; avocados from Mexico are in season four times a year, and one of those times just happens to be Super Bowl season. "Super Bowl is the ideal time. It is the largest party day in the U.S. after New Year's Eve and Halloween," Emiliano Escobedo, of Hass Avocado Board, told HuffPo. "And I like to say avocado people are party people." He's right, by the way.

Of course, we're now a little worried about some avocado shortages; if guac gets the same rep as chicken wings, will demand increase so much that prices will rise? HuffPo reports that Americans will consume more than 1.23 billion chicken wings this weekend, according to the National Chicken Council. Pizza Today, in the meantime, says that 15 million pizzas will be devoured by football fans this weekend.

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Then again, someone notes that hummus is on the rise, and you obviously can't forget chips and dip and beer. So it's safe to say that guacamole is safe for now; perhaps we can focus on hummus so real avocado lovers can have their own chips and guac without any competition?