City of Apopka



  • Free Wi-Fi when you're in Apopka. The whole city offers free Wi-Fi. Look for the SSID 'iloveapopka'.
  • Check out mators n tators for good deals and great tasting fruits n vegtables.
  • Go Darters!!
  • Must try Porky's Bar-b-que.
  • According to Wikipedia, Apopka means "Big Potato"
  • Nice area to live in. Close to everything!
  • World-o-suds for laundry, Maters and Taters for food!
  • True Words Of God Kingdom International Church
  • Nick's Pizza on Park Avenue has the best buffalo wings!

Nearby places

1545 Rock Springs Rd (E Welch Rd)
212 E Main St
449 West Main St