Venue #5849289b4c5312074eb2a2ec

Movie Theater, Cineplex, Entertainment
Sunway Velocity (Lot 4-31, 4th Floor)
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur 55100


  • Biggest Imax screen in Malaysia!
  • 3D and indulge are good..go experience it
  • A good theatre for IMAX or IMAX 3D, comfortable and luxurious. Recommended if you love the IMAX experience.
  • 3.1274405,101.7252256
  • 3.1274405,101.7252251
  • Theatre 1 was huge and the screen was curve and big. The seats were comfortable.
  • The hall is big, great design and decoration!!
  • DIY ticket kiosks
  • Seat tegak sangat.. x selesa.. failed!
  • IMAX also no point if you allow idiots who talk, suck on their straws and crumple snack bags loudly. Waste of your money. TGV should station ushers to ban idiots like that.
  • IMAX movie is awesome
  • (1) - Jalan Palong, Taman Miharja -

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