Venue #559dde8b498e9886ae851fba

4th Street (Clarence Street)
Boyle Heights, CA 90033


  • Always check to see if they've got at least 4 different sauces. If you see the Guac sauce as well, it's def a good sign. Also, some grilled onions as well as their marinated onions. Pastor Spit is #1!
  • Dos Pastor Tacos, Con Todo! Done! All you need is some Horchata, more tacos or some other meat to mix it up!
  • Their Pastor is great! Their Pastor Spit isn't a spinning one but, it still serves it's purpose! Always get some pineapple! Pineapple Mandatory! Worth the few minutes wait if it's still being cooked
  • 1st: Always go for Pastor if you see a Pastor Spit going with the flame on! 2nd: Go for the boiling cauldron of goodies- usually it's various Pork, Buche & Tripas 3rd: Horchata, Horchata, Horchata!!