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739 Avenue of the Americas (6th And 27th)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 206-1224


  • Great location, love sitting by the window, lots of quality meats they cook right in front of you. Will definitely come back!
  • Yummy bbq lunch
  • Great Korean that's off K-town. Give it a try!!
  • Excellent BBQ. Very attentive wait staff
  • Great lunch box, fast service and nice assortment of
  • The place itself is nice. The lunch specials are good deals; also the teriyaki chicken is out of this world. But, the service is soooo bad. They threat you awful and then they include the tip, so bad.
  • NON Marinated Short Rib > Marinated Short Rib!
  • Not worth the price. Nice interior, great service but the meat was so bland and tasteless. You're better off going a little further down to K-town.