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No. 38, Jalan Putra 2, Taman Putra Kajang
Kajang, Selangor
+60 3-5523 7386


  • Excellent service, super-friendly waiters, marvellous food. Even my cousin from London said the steaks were wonderful (he ordered medium-rare, which can turn out disastrous in Msia). Worth the price.
  • The food is good, I had NZ lamb wt Kebab :) superb...juicy... Air sedap! Tp dessert plain je and the waiter/server tk friendly sgt. Thou the atmosphere environment tenang :) all in all not bad :)
  • Reservation has to be made..if not u can just taste their food aroma only muehehe..:p
  • The food is a bit pricey BUT worth every cent of it! Food presentation is excellent!
  • I recommend the burger set. 9/10
  • Now at Laman Grill. 1st visit carbonara was awesome . For 2nd visit order rib eye steak n salmon. Tapi salmon sampai lambat sangat and hangus.Steak tidaklah memuaskan.Waiter perlu training lagi.
  • Makanan mahal tapi tak sedap. Tak berbaloi. 3/10 only.
  • Bolognese dia mmg terbaekkk..
  • 2015 ramadhan semi buffet. Main course pick 1 only & others (dessert & appetiser) buffet style. Good food & ambience. Tak crowded sgt mcm tmpt2 lain. Price pun ok. Selesa & relax je mkn.
  • A recommended environment for family cum fine dining
  • Juicy tender chic crunchy with some avocado tossed with special dressing: love the yummy unique taste
  • Nice environment
  • Tenderloin steak is wonderful order it medium rare. The sauce is pretty nice. Yes Tony Romas lamb ribs is great but if u are looking for muslim steak this is the best place.
  • Delicious, service pun not bad. Dessert pandan creme brulee the best !
  • Chicken Chop 3/5. Ribeye Steak 3/5 - beef not up to my expectation. Prefer victoria station. Ribs 2/5 - not tender enough and sauce too strong and zesty. Prefer tony roma's. Bolognese 3.5/5.
  • Food was great~ Have a great time there :)
  • Superb
  • For partner dinner quite ok..for satisfaction with friend,I'm suggesting William's Corner
  • I tried @grill last nite and tonite at laman grill and I prefer @grill steak
  • Xyah la mkn kt cni membazir je harapkan decoration je A+ tp rase hancur lebur...Kalau x cayer jugak silalah rasa sendiri

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