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15, Jalan Aman (Jalan Sk 13)


  • Iced Coffee and Herbal Tea was excellent. Pure, concentrated and it was so good.
  • Fuchok is another one that I would recommend here. It comes with a thin filling of fresh Ikan Parang. So tasty and you'd be addicted to it.
  • You get this bowl of clear soup with Fish Balls and Fish Cake when you go for their Kon Loh Mee. Their Fish Balls are good and so was the Fish Cake.
  • This place is very famous for their homemade Ikan Parang Fish Balls. Tried their Mee Hoon Soup and it was good. Sadly their Curry finishes very fast. Must be good I assume.
  • Fishball, fish cake, fu-chuk, fish paste dumpling (he kiaw). All a must try.
  • Fish cake not bad
  • I love their fish ball. Very nice. Too bad curry finish very early.
  • Gingko Barli not same as i drink b4.
  • Barley was good as well. So was their Chrysanthemum Tea. Both I would recommend.
  • They have a mix of chillies to choose from. Do note that they a quite spicy and do use them sparingly.
  • Loved their Dumplings. It's so juicy and tasty. Highly recommended.
  • Their Fried Fish Cake was excellent. Not greasy and it was so soft and tasty. Juicy too.
  • Their Kon Loh Mee is tasty as well. This comes with a bowl of clear soup and fish balls