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Mexican, Burritos, Tacos
11452 Euclid Ave (East 115th St)
Cleveland, OH 44106
10:45am - 9:45pm
10:45am - 9:45pm
10:45am - 9:45pm
10:45am - 9:45pm
10:45am - 9:45pm
10:45am - 9:45pm
10:45am - 9:45pm


  • Slowest chipotle you will ever visit. All hours, any day of the week.
  • Time literally slows to a stop while you are in line here.
  • I have yet to come here and not wait forever for them to cook one ingredient. It is so poorly managed.
  • Not really worth it. Rather go to qdoba or the chipotle in coventry. Super slow and always run out of ingredients
  • Ran out of crap.
  • Don't come at lunch time unless you have time to wait... understaffed at the lunch hour
  • Long lines, yummy chipotle.
  • Order online
  • Be prepared to wait in line forever.
  • Very slow & it's a Sunday afternoon. And they're out of burritos.
  • One of the Coke spigots is always empty! Try before you pour!
  • Everything especially the burritos with guacamole
  • I think I aged 2 years while waiting in line here.
  • Long wait and slippery floors. Be careful.
  • Floor be kinda slippery be careful
  • - - ))
  • This chipotle is soooo ridiculously slow. And on top of the wait, they don't manage having everything prepared timely to refill when it is low.
  • They don't accept $100 bill here
  • Go to Qdoba instead. This Chipotle sucks.
  • This place has rewritten the definition of SLOW.

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