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Deli / Bodega
76 Broadway
Newport, RI 02840


  • Yummy!!!!!!! = Meat Ball sub, Spirit Surprise ( chicken,seaweed salad,gluten free bread, red peppers), Lasagna ,The Italian
  • Best new Deli in Newport
  • the deli collage
  • My new favorite Deli sandwich is The Cuban= Roast Pork,Ham,Melted swiss, Pickles, Yellow Mustard, Mayo
  • The Deli,66 Broadway,Newport RI, Open Tue - Sun till 4:00. Fri day is Tie day
  • Get ready for your taste buds to explode with happiness
  • Best sandwiches, great prices, fun place!!!!
  • Best Newport sandwich ever
  • If you are on a protein diet. You can have a sampler plate, your choice of warm meats
  • Try chicken salad , seaweed salad , roasted red peppers on gluten free bread - amazing
  • Best sandwiches - great service - fun place
  • wide view of the Deli on Broadway
  • The Deli Website = Delicious MENU
  • Great sandwiches!
  • ask about Jaeke's AMAZING party platter.........
  • Cajun fish with seaweed salad - yummmmyyyy
  • The Caprese - yummy ..... Mozzarella , basil , tomato, chicken on best fresh bread - tastes great with horse radish dipping sauce
  • The caprese - fresh mozzarella,tomato, basil, Italian vinaigrette on a torpedo roll with chicken
  • Checkers while you wait