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363 King St
Charleston, SC 29401


  • Ashley R. has got it all wrong -- this place knows how to treat tasty balls right! But seriously, it's delicious, everyone is really friendly -- I'll definitely be back
  • Had a pizza ball last night and it gave me food poisoning. On top of that it was probably the nastiest thing I've eaten in a long time. STAY FAR AWAY.
  • Secret opening for people who like us on facebook or follow us on twitter @pizzaballs1 - like or follow us to get in on it!
  • Been here twice. Once for breakfast and once for lunch. Pizza balls are a great fun food for kids.
  • It's better than blue balls
  • So silly! I love the Cougar Ball.
  • Yum!! Perfect flavor and size. Got the chic, olive. The dough is tasty.