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Neighborhood, Historic Site
Belfast, BT3 9DT


  • March 10, 2013 - "Near, far, wherever you are.." Ececeyyy..feelings sikit! Auww :)
  • They say this building will never sink
  • They say this building never sink!
  • This is where she was built
  • Check out the Titanic dock and museum.
  • Nice to see where the Titanic was built. Go for a tour with the Wee Tram
  • nice if you interest with Titanic story
  • You can easily spend 4 hours here. The story is very well told by the curator and is as much entertaining for kids as it's for adults.
  • Touch my heart.. Feeling2 di petang hari
  • Da non perdere, La A-Z del Titanic, senza di Caprii
  • Look for harland & wolf and remem the titani museum opens in march

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