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Desserts, Ice Cream, Japanese
Kumho Asian Plaza
Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
+84 835 218 606


  • Nice lunch sets with reasonable price! :)
  • Nhn mnh: L NI CA NGT LN NGI (cn mn d m t, ng di)
  • sitting outside is better though the weather is quite hot. DORAYAKI + ECLAIRS = high five
  • Wifi Password: shiratama
  • Staffs are nice
  • Wifi pass:shiratama
  • Cool set lunch of eel and tofu, get free coffee or tea, 129k/set.
  • One of the best dessert in town. Must try parfait here
  • Y5: christmasyokoso
  • Matcha is always the best choice here
  • Great promotions!
  • They can't serve delux combo in Matcha Yokoso event, espresso (because their coffee machine was broken ~ wtf) n' Japanese Kakigori (because no shaved ice left). Seriously?
  • Nice matcha
  • The chocolate cake and the iced coffee is good. The prices are high and the service is slow. Nice atmosphere.
  • Enjoy the teriyaki bento chicken indeed. price is reasonable and delicious matcha ice cream after the meal of course.
  • Pass: haruyokosoharuyokoso
  • Good beverage & cakes
  • Dorayaki shouldn't be overlooked. Try it and hot green tea together.
  • bad ramen here.
  • tempura is not good

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