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Sculpture, Art Museum, Art Gallery
5905 Wilshire Blvd (LACMA)
Los Angeles, CA 90036


  • Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer is where modern art and the Protestant work ethic weirdly intersect. A 340-ton granite megalith painstakingly transported from Riverside sits in a 456-foot-long slot!
  • Take hilarious and original Facebook photo holding up that giant rock. Then Instagram it. Then Twitpic it. Then Friendster Testimonial it.
  • Take a picture of you in front of it with your hands up. It looks like you're holding it up!! Classic gag. So original. People will think you're crazy strong til you fill them in on the joke. Classic!
  • This is a pretty big rock.
  • This is stupid. Human beings 1000s of years ago moved rocks this big without modern machinery and built pyramids and temples. Some guy took this rock made by nature and takes credit for it as "art".
  • As others said, it's a big rock. Go in afternoon when the shadows are long and it's otherworldly. You can access the rock for free through the park.
  • Look very closely and one may note that it's a rock.
  • Do NOT try to climb the Rock! WTF...
  • Favorite pose for tourists seems to be standing in front of rock pretending to hold it up.
  • 340 tons bolted and sitting over a walkway. Walk under twice because where else do you get to do that?!
  • Someone below said the boulder was 3.4 tons. Its 340 tons. And it is the most amazing sculpture I've seen in my life. The journey, the design and the beauty and power of the whole experience moves you
  • Its a big rock
  • Let's Party Rock!!
  • The rock! It's a pretty big deal.
  • Marvel, behold, and pray for just a brief moment the San Andreas Fault doesn't awaken and bring wrath down on you.
  • You can pretend you are lifting the rock!
  • Super scary but such a great photo opp!
  • Can't complain about a free museum exhibit. I will admit the epic title of this piece makes it seem much more exciting than it may end up being, but still worth checking out. No Admission to get in.
  • Was present a few years ago when the "mass" arrived. It is worth experiencing!
  • Kooky but interesting nonetheless. Go early in the day to avoid the crowds.

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