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2525 W Anderson Ln Bldg 3 Ste 208
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 458-8889


  • Fresh, flavorful, beautifully presented Vietnamese dishes with a fast-casual approach. We're addicted to the Banh Mi Sliders and BBQ pork rolls. Get your noodle fix with the Mi Hoanh Thanh Thap Cam.
  • The music being piped into the bathrooms is so QUIET
  • Order item 108 crispy salt & pepper're welcome
  • Banh Mi sliders = best appetizer ever. The bread is made of clouds!
  • Delicious pho! This is a great new place to try!
  • Watch out, they charge you tip and takeout fee if you get it to go
  • Try the goi ga ( cabbage salad with shredded chicken, fish sauce, fried shallots and peanuts ) - it is delicious!
  • All of the noodle-y goodness for puppies! *covers his noms with his paws* No! Get your own! :9
  • The Best pho I've had is the Vegetarian one <3
  • Squeeze some lime juice and some Sriracha sauce on those onions, and you have instant Kimchi
  • Spring roll, slider, Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. You're good to go.
  • The chicken pho is excellent!
  • Phonatic features digital menus and computer ordering, but you won't need Google to decide for you. Go with the Mi Bo Vien (beef meatballs, red/green onion, cilantro, egg noodles, chicken broth).
  • Fuck bitches. Eat pho.
  • Try the salty lemon drink.
  • Try the sliders. Just thinking about them makes me want to drive over there.
  • Great place because it gives you option to add extra onions and herbs to make your pho just the way you want it.
  • Natic is bawse! High quality pho in a fast-paced environment. Friendly staff.
  • Love the quantity and the freshness here!
  • Pho Dac Biet!!!!! For the adventurous!

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