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5046 Parkway Dr
Jackson, MS 39211


  • Get the chicken curry pizza!
  • Great pizza try the carnivore
  • If you order a medium or large you can get half and half if you can't decide on what to order.
  • I'm a little confused with the hand washing instructions .. soap & war is kinda hard to do.
  • The three cheese pizza is the best!
  • Carnivore Pizza is wonderful !!!
  • Awesome food
  • Pizza and the ultimate sandwich
  • Best pizza in town
  • Cheese sticks ..
  • Great pizza great service
  • The Italian Cowboy ..
  • The best Supreme Pizza in town!!!
  • So sick of them trying to charge me different prices dependant on who is working... Get a policy and make sure everyone knows it! Seriously considering never returning to this location.
  • Best Pizza in Jackson! And awesome customer service!
  • This one sucks
  • The Buffalo chicken pizza is awesome