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Gastropub, Bar
$ $ $
Terminal A (DCA Airport)
Washington, VA 20003


  • Nothing better than a place to grab some beer before a flight. But the beer can be tasty!
  • Food comes from Allie's Delicatessen, which is directly across the hallway.
  • Their food comes from Allie's right across the hall, but you can bring in any food you want to have with your beer.
  • They were out of soup by 5 pm.
  • Asian chicken salad seems likely microwaved and kinda meh for the top priced item on their menu.
  • Seems like no one wants to be here. A small place that no one digs but everyone wants to be in. Too bad they have to drink Sam Adams.
  • Don't eat here. Drink here. But don't eat here. Noshes are better a little farther down at Euro Cafe.
  • The seating area is for "brewhouse" customers so if you want something from allie's and want to sit down, order your food off the brewhouse menu.
  • There is a TV at each end of the room. Both on the same channel.
  • Bartenders act like try are government workers only move when their cell phone lights up.
  • Fantastic Bloody Mary !
  • Octoberfest and Cherry wheat on tap! Yummmm
  • Closes at 830 booooo
  • There are two Sam Adams in DCA. One outside terminal A security and one inside. Oh, and the one outside has shoestring fries on the menu with the sandwiches. Inside you will get chips!
  • Umm. Skip the fish & chips. It's well dodgy!
  • Try the Cherry Wheat. Great in the bottle, EXCELLENT on tap.
  • The Boston Ale is quite nice
  • There is one tv at the bar
  • They have TVs; they're just tiny and tucked away in a corner. Good beer though; pee before you're flight...
  • Eh at best

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