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Historic Site
2425 N. Lincoln
Chicago, IL


  • The Qdoba was built to commemorate Dillingers love of quesadillas
  • There is some debate among historians about the number of times Dillinger was shot (3 versus 4), but the fatal shot entered through his neck and exited below his right eye.
  • Not the actual alley. He was shot about 25 ft north where there is an old building now.
  • On July 22, 1934, 31 year old John Dillinger (public enemy #1) was shot dead at the entryway to this alley running from FBI agents after seeing Manhattan Melodrama at the Biograph Theater.
  • It's still an alley. Don't lay down in a alley.
  • All reports state that this is the correct alley. Even the the movie, Public Enemy came up with the same alley. Rumors are that the alley is haunted.

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