Venue #4ce5ee9bb9975481df80ed44

5135 NE 60th Ave (NE Sumner)
Portland, OR 97218
(503) 287-7909


  • The chicken burrito is one of the most satisfying things I've ever put in my stomach. And it's only five awesome bucks.
  • Panuchos You never have one you need To lol
  • Nothing like the panuchos an amazing yucatan dish
  • Three trips later I just don't understand why this place is so hyped. The food is good enough but often lacks a unifying element that would make it spectacular. Also cash only, GTFO.
  • Hole in the wall with delicious Mayan/Yucatan food. Family run. Everything is made to order and they're popular so not super fast - if you're in a hurry call you order in ahead of time.
  • Poc Chuc Poc Chuc Poc Chuc & Cochinita Pibil
  • The burrito comes on good recommendation
  • You should bring cash because it's the only form of payment accepted at this place.
  • The tacos, made with homemade tortillas, are so damn good it's hard for me to imagine I could find better ones elsewhere.
  • Hidden gem!
  • This place is awesome. If you don't eat meat, they'll make you a fajita burrito with no meat.
  • WW Cheap Eats 2011 favorite: cochinita pibil ($9.99).