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Huangpu, 上海市


  • The with apples and honey dates are soooooo good!
  • Oh my god! This is hands down the best traditional shanghainese cuisine in town! Plus the atmosphere is amazing! Strongly recommend
  • Couple of dishes inspired by Romance of the 3 Kingdoms, order the beef that comes on a boat with smoke (whatever that's called!)
  • all delicacies aside, their tea is very good too ^^
  • The food is okay, the atmosphere is unusual though subject to artistic taste. It's a memorable spot and good to introduce shanghainese food but in my opinion not the best in town.
  • Better call to reserve table, window ones are nice phone #53065462
  • Have been here so many times. And keep coming back. Order the special fried beef (or chicken) in a boat on cold ice. Spectacular. But even more meaningful if you've read 'Art of war' first.
  • This place is NOT accepting credit card
  • Wu Li Xiang is a quaint little restaurant serving Shanghainese cuisine in a little art gallery shop.
  • Has a minimum order per person, but the restaurant us really nice. Real art restaurant (no wonder, since the owner is a painter)
  • Cash only!
  • Must order the shrimp dish with the deep fried chilli!!! the chilli are crispy n nice!!!