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Stadium, Hockey, Convention Center
1960 Coliseum Dr
Fayetteville, NC 28306
(910) 438-4100


  • The fair was ok. Kinda small, but lots of fair food. I was expecting more interesting vendors. Looking forward to the Holly Day Fair in November!
  • Everyone who lives in the Fayetteville area should go to at least one hockey game in their life. Why not watch the Fayetteville Fireantz? Their games are pretty wicked sick!
  • I like to fart hard till I skid in my underwear. I am the turdinator
  • Decent size arena. Love the Disney on Ice shows
  • Love to go see the fireantz and cape heros play
  • The macaws love the mist in the dressing room showers!
  • Fireantz are just a little better than a high school team.
  • Great seats!!!!!!!.:-)
  • Dont go to the luqidation show sucks
  • The fair is in town.
  • ditto. Ashley.
  • Ashley is the hottest dancer
  • Thank you for supporting local artist! All American tattoo convention baby!
  • Great hockey but concessions much too expensive
  • Overall a nice facility.
  • We won 4-0
  • Pay attention to where your sears are in relation to parking to avoid a very long walk inside!
  • Loved Disney on Ice. Oh. The kids liked it too
  • Great time at the hockey games!!
  • Kevin is an awesome mayor. He will buy you a drink if you can find him....

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