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Road, Pedestrian Street/Plaza
杭州市, 浙江


  • Save the haggling, 10 rmb shops pretty cool.
  • :)
  • ... ........... ^^
  • Tea and souvenier shops
  • Very nice street where you can see a lot different type of people and different type of Chinese culture in display.
  • Great local market street , fun to see the scorpion to eat
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  • im mua sm ni ting Hng Chu,gi c cng 0 t lm,nhiu shop n ung,qun o,Cng vi Trung Sn th H Phng l 2 ph i b nhn nhp sm ut nht Hng Chu,nhiu mn lu nim, n ok,
  • walking str with many shop,good place for shopping,souvernirs gift,food court,take care with the pick pocket
  • Must grab handmade peanut's totally delicious.. Not too sweet witj ahbit of saltiness.. Blend it up so well.. Im lovin it
  • A street for souvenir and food
  • Got lots of shops
  • Eine sehr se Strae um interessante Souvenirs zu kaufen, leckeres Essen zu probieren oder einfach nur Leute zu beobachten.
  • 2010.04.03

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