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28 Leadenhall Market
London, Greater London EC3V 1LR
+44 20 7929 7837
11:30am - 5:00pm
11:30am - 5:00pm
11:30am - 5:00pm
11:30am - 5:00pm
11:30am - 5:00pm


  • Ask for one kind of rice from the first guy then ask if you can have some of the other kind of rice from the peppers and onions guy. Boom, double rice...
  • Ask for extra meat at no extra cost. But sssh.
  • Order online and collect at counter whilst looking smug by missing the queues. ;)
  • Probably the best value eaterie in Leadenhall Market.
  • Top Burrito's in Town - Try the Hot salsa!
  • Just cover your burrito in Cholula. Literally drown it
  • Best value/ taste burrito in town! Staff are awesome. Always get the hot and mild with extra chillies and onions. That's how I roll!
  • It's a little hidden, just go through the Market :)
  • Ah man, best burrito I've ever had. You gotta have the hot salsa with extra chillis
  • Craving a burrito dripping with sauce and overflowing with ingredients? Then Tortilla is the place to go. I recommend the pork. Queues move fast & this branch has loads of seating downstairs.
  • Really great burritos! I get both types of beans, and you can have more than one type of salsa!
  • When I can't decide, I get one order of Dos Tacos, one beef and one chicken. I'm a fan of guacamole, just not here.
  • I will never go again:They do not have soft corn tortillas (ever). They never understand when I order two orders of "Dos Tacos", always trying to give me just one. Food is ok but expensive.
  • I love the veg doc tacos here and only 4.50! Spicy and delicious
  • The burrito with carnitas is very wet and leaks through the wrapping (made a mess of my desk). Average taste. Chilango on London wall is much better.
  • Downstairs is open weekdays from 12pm if you want to bypass the inevitable massive queue upstairs!
  • closed weekends.
  • Tasty veg burrito!!
  • Avoid the lunchtime queue, it's massive!
  • I just ate a burrito the size of my own head.

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