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Pedestrian Street/Plaza, Mall, Plaza
Nicollet Ave (btwn W Grant St & Washington Ave S)
Minneapolis, MN 55401


  • Help keep downtown clean. You can recycle plastic, glass, cans and mixed paper while downtown just look for the blue and green recycling containers on Nicollet from 5th to 10th streets.
  • "Elizabeth Quinlan, the first woman clothing buyer in the country, opened her store in the YoungQuinlan building on Nicollet."
  • Avoid the bums, walk fast and wear headphones. Don't make eye contact!
  • If it's a nice day, head to Brit's Pub and get a drink on the upstairs patio.
  • Hit up the Farmers Market!
  • This isn't New York, tip the bums and buskers, be nice, enjoy the sights and sounds. But please look both ways before crossing the street because I will run you over with my bike.
  • Farmers market today is amazing, as is the weather
  • The first commercial district in Minneapolis centered on the intersection of Nicollet and Hennepin Avenues, an area known as Bridge Square and (later) the Gateway.
  • Ride the!!!
  • Hit the farmers market in. the summer; freeze your ass off @ the Holidazzle parade in. the winter, lotsa stuff to see & shop along the way. And the sideshow of people is quite amusing as well IMHO B-)
  • Beware the Child Fund green vests. Those cute, clipboard-juggling hipsters will tackle you with flirts.
  • Be weary at night. Beautiful during the day time.
  • Cement, sidewalks, restaurants, stores. Catch a bus, take a walk, ride a bike.
  • I guess its not as busy and nice as it once was. Not much shopping. Not much of anything anymore really. Could be a really nice shopping area but there are no stores anymore
  • Nicollett Mall - home of Target - is a great place to shop or just experience the Minneapolis culture.
  • Love walking around here
  • A nice area to walk around
  • Might need some earplugs for the non-stop bad sax guy...
  • Check out the farmers market.
  • Coffee is everywhere. So are buses.

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