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Food Court
2700 Potomac Mills Cir (Potomac Mills Mall)
Woodbridge, VA 22192


  • Go to Salsa's, get nachos, put the mango salsa on top
  • Such a small food court with quite a limited selection of food types for such a big & busy indoooutlet mall
  • For a big Mall not much in the food court!!!!!
  • Sarku Japan in amazing!
  • The Cajun Cafe & Grille has an awesome special: pick any 4 items for only $5.39.
  • Not much selection but love the bourbon chicken at the first Japanese restaurant in the court- very small expensive drinks there, get one from Quiznos instead
  • Food is bad quality It is Greasy, not fresh and repetitive.
  • Dont eat at the japanese place at the end of the night
  • Eat at Joe's.

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