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Food Court
2300 E Lincoln Hwy
Langhorne, PA 19047


  • Mmm... Flatbread at Subway <3
  • The best foods here are Sarku Japan and Chicken Now
  • Tomato mozzarella @ bistro sensations delish!
  • Ovm mall food court has gone down, we miss original philly steaks, we saw they added it to the taco place not the same, Charley's is coming in, Mickey couldn't even make shakes, remember khunaville
  • What the hell happened here? They used to have a good selection of food places now it's like bottom of a scary barrel ...
  • Can we get anymore Chinese? Is 15 Chinese food stores that all the same food not enough? ?
  • A generic mall food court
  • Eat the honey chicken at Cajun Chao it's delicious
  • Some good options ...
  • Avoid coming here when they are open
  • So sad they replaced Chikfila with the fake out! Bistro Sensations is Bangin and Chao Cajun is Awesome too!
  • Good chicken teriyaki.
  • Fart real nice at Sbarro.
  • Master Wok is delious and cheap
  • The buffalo chicken sandwich at Subway is delicious.
  • Make sure you visit the Sprint/HTC kiosk outside Banana Republic. You can play the Google Goggles game and maybe win a movie pass. Or just enter to win $4000!

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